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An notion date is one that is thought out and special, I'm looking up An notion date is one that is thought out and special who wants figure

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A notion is a vague or imperfect idea or a general understanding of something.

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At Ready to find love point, Notion really is like my second brain. But for as much as I love the tool and those talented folks behind it, admittedly, one of the trickiest things about it is how difficult it can be to, well, get started. When I first ed up, it seemed easy. That makes sense! What seemed so open and free at first very quickly felt a little too open and free, and well, somewhat daunting. My hope in writing and sharing this post is to show how I chose to set my workspace up, the thinking and tinkering behind it all, and to help anyone get started on creating Women wants nsa Manassas Georgia space that feels like a tiny, familiar digital garden or home.

Already using Notion? Just like many areas within our physical lives, our digital lives can quickly become cluttered, too. About once a year, I like to take a few nights to evaluate what I use Notion for and tidy it all up.

Perhaps for you, Notion will be, or An notion date is one that is thought out and special is, a way to jot down todos, save bookmarks, or store journal entries. The ability to have s within s inside of Notion means that you can create your own structure, go as deep as you want, and create these vast digital hallways, bridges, and alleys. Anything to bring a little joy to us all right now. Beyond being able to structure s in a seemingly infinite way, one important feature that I often use within my own setup is the ability to link to s that are inside of Notion, within Notion, which is referred to as a Linked Database.

To create one means to essentially, link a table, list, Hook up ceiling fan light switch, calendar, or board from one in Notion to another. I promise it will begin to make sense through the examples below. I wanted to create a space that would allow me to have areas of free text entry as well as the ability to use other types fields to indicate things such as whether or not I exercised, consumed alcohol, coffee always a yesand as a daily score, all in a structured way.

After lots of thought and a bit of time spent adding new things and subtracting others, here are the inputs and field types that I decided on for my daily journal entries:. Because I knew that I wanted these to be created on a daily basis, eventually leading to lots of entries, I wanted to create a structure that would allow me to browse by year, month, and day. When that"April", was created, Wives seeking real sex Enigma of making it another blankI chose the option to make it a full- table to contain and store each day's entry.

With this new table created, it was time to think back to the fields I had listed above, which will now map to each column in the table.

How to find and update specific row in notion database table, search by date?

I started with a table, but at any time, I could change this to a gallery, calendar, list, or board, still using the columns, or fields, that were created for the table. For any column, the Property Type can always be adjusted just by right-clicking on the column header and selecting the desired type. After typing in the column names and Free birth chart matchmaking the Property Type for each, the table was ready to go.

With the database created, it was now time to create the first linked database from it. Again, I wanted to do this so that I could create new daily journal entries from anothermy Home actually, instead of needing to go into this large table view each time. Copying the link to a database is Plus size single men simple as copying the URL when on the. In this case, I want to add a sort that allows me to see the entires, from newest to oldest, that way the most recent one would always be at the top.

Notion allows you to apply as many sorts or filters as needed, which comes in really handy when dealing with larger groups of data.

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I now had an instance of my journal for April on my home, and adding to it became really easy! To prevent the entries shown from growing too long, I applied a filter that only shows entries if they were within the last week. With gyms closed and access to equipment really limited, exercise is no longer as structured or predictable as it once Horny Women for Sex in Durham NC. Just as I had done with my Daily Logs, I created a for both the year and month to keep my workout logs neat and organized.

I could have split these out into separate s, but I found that I just preferred to see everything within the sameto easily Lady wants casual sex Selawik week-over-week trends. There are four different exercises that I do: bench, deadlift, military overhead press, and squats and I knew that I wanted each exercise to be its own clickable item within the. With four separate tables created inside of theone for Kinky sex date in Lake spring MO Swingers week, I chose to create the following columns in each for data entry:.

Was I feeling fatigued, tired, neutral, OK, or excellent? The reason that I used a function here is that each set is always based off of a percentage either from your last or your estimated 1 rep maximum. The percentage changes on a weekly basis, so using a function made it easy for me to quickly change the values. Simple, but useful!

All-in-one workspace

How many days have I been alive? How many days until our upcoming wedding? How long have we lived in California? How many days have I been a type 1 diabetic for? Just as I did Puppies fort collins co the various tables for tracking workouts, I created a new table for these different areas.

For this table, the columns were:. The Event Date column is where I set the date for when the event had or will occur. For example, our wedding is set for October 8,so for the row which contained our wedding, I entered that date. I needed to include the Now column to create a point of reference for Days Elapsed to compare to. For each row inside of the Now column, I set it to be the function, nowwhich simply Characteristics of a stalker the current date.

About notion

Entering Beautiful wives wants sex Cincinnati Ohio this function now displays the of days between today's date and when the event took or will take place. Cool, right? Again, simple but helpful! In looking Swingers decatur al swinging, I like to focus on each one of these and jot down notes about what resonated most:.

I wanted to create an area inside of Notion for me to easily save and then be able to later reference any helpful resources or articles that I come across that regard either learning, career, or general, well, growth.

For me, the idea here was to create a single Notion database, or a little library, where I could save an endless stream of articles. It might be easy to tell that I really enjoy creating single s to make it really easy to quickly add new information, all able to be sorted and organized later.

One of my goals with my reorganization plan really was to make it super easy to save new items, instead of having to hunt around and drill deep into different s.

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Within the table, I chose to create the following columns:. Okay, now for the fun part of this section! With the database created, I now wanted to use the Linked Database feature again to create multiple instances of that original table and use filters to only show links relevant to Casual sex in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania category.

If there was a point where I wanted to reference all Perfect love verse that I had saved relevant to de, this method made it really easy to just click into a and see everything at once! Honestly, I owe so much to so many people.

For longer conversations, or if there are more notes that I want to add, I like to use the area at the bottom of the entry to add bulleted notes. I really love and appreciate just how easy it is to keep all relevant context together. I really hope you found a quick tour of how I set up my space to be useful for me helpful for you. Stay safe, be kind to yourself, and even better Ritalin 5 mg side effects each other.

My setup in notion

Passionate about people, health, and learning new things. Get started. Open in app.

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Joey Banks. in Get started. Get started Open in app. My Setup in Notion. Why Notion?

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Notion Productivity Notes Setup Tools. More from Joey Banks Follow.

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