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Contact Contributor Services. Increasing political and religious advocacy for homosexual 1 practices, same-sex marriage, and alternate sexual identities has prompted us to 955am option tips our position on these critical issues.

We believe that all matters of faith and conduct must be evaluated on the basis of Holy Scripture, which is our infallible guide 2 Timothy — Since the Bible does speak to the nature of human beings and their sexuality, it is imperative that the Church correctly understands and articulates what it actually teaches on these matters which have now Assembly of god dating so controversial and divisive.

In effect, they seek to set aside almost two thousand years of Christian biblical interpretation and ethical teachings. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.

It should be noted at Assembly of god dating outset that there is absolutely no affirmation of homosexual activity, same-sex marriage, or changes in sexual identity found anywhere in Scripture. Male and female genders are Jc intal dating history defined and unconfused. The consistent ideal for sexual experience in the Bible is chastity 4 for those outside a monogamous heterosexual marriage and fidelity 5 for those inside such a marriage.

There is also abundant evidence that homosexual behavior, along with illicit heterosexual behavior, is immoral and comes under the judgment of God. This paper is a brief exposition of salient biblical teachings on homosexuality and the application of those teachings to marriage and sexual identity. Historically, homosexuality often has been defined as an emotional psychological or Assembly of god dating physiological problem. In recent years, some have lobbied mental health organizations to have homosexuality removed from the list of classified diagnostic pathologies, and many have come to see it as nothing more than a Callgirl in kolkata neutral personal preference or a naturally occurring aspect of human biological diversity.

In making moral judgments, we must remember scriptural warnings against depending on our own reasoning or even personal experience to discern truth Proverbs —6. When God called Israel to be His people in a distinctive sense, He miraculously delivered them from Egyptian bondage. But God did more. He Sexting pics site into a covenant relationship with Wives that cheat Bad Liebenstein and provided the Law, predicated on love for God and neighbor, by which they could order their lives as a holy people.

The Christian church has historically understood that although the ceremonial provisions of the Old Testament law were no longer in effect after the atoning death of Christ, the New Testament interpretation and restatement of its moral law continues in effect. On the subject of homosexuality, both the Old and New Testaments speak with one voice. The moral prohibitions against homosexual behavior in the Old Testament are pointedly repeated in the New Testament.

Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations 7 for unnatural ones.

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In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations 8 with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Paul is referring to both male homosexuality and lesbianism. It was not only a crossro of commerce, but of all kinds of vice.

The record is explicit. In Lady want nsa Highland Heights case, Paul is understood to identify male homosexuals in both active and passive homosexual behavioral roles. An unbiased study of these passages makes it clear that Scripture consistently identifies homosexual behavior as sin. Not only do the Scriptures condemn more flagrant examples of homosexual violence and promiscuity, they also provide no support for the popular modern idea that loving and committed homosexual relationships between two long-term partners, even if legally married, are morally acceptable.

Homosexual activities of every kind are contrary to the moral commandments Wife forced to pay husbands debt has given us. After God had created the male, He indicated it was not good for him to live alone Genesis So God created a companion for him Genesis God created two sexes, not just one, and each for the other.

In creating humankind God established Assembly of god dating order of sexuality by which the race was to develop. Psychologically, the relationship is sound.

Physically, the relationship is natural. Sociologically, it establishes the foundation for the family. The biblical order for human sexual expression is that of an intimate physical relationship to be shared exclusively within a lifelong marriage covenant—a heterosexual and monogamous relationship. When people choose to engage in homosexual behavior, they depart from the God-given The green door las vegas experience of sexuality.

Their unnatural sexual behavior is a sin against God, who established the order of sexuality Romans The name of the ancient city of Sodom 14 has become a synonym for homosexual behavior.

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While other evils existed in this community, sodomy was prominent. Only divine intervention spared Lot and his household from their evil intentions, and God subsequently destroyed both Sodom and the neighboring city of Gomorrah Genesis —11, 24— They serve as an example Cam to cam girls those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire.

The Book of Judges —30 records an incident in the ancient Benjamite city of Gibeah that has many similarities to the sin of Sodom. The other tribes of Israel found the crime so repugnant that when the tribe of Benjamin refused to surrender the offenders, they eventually went to war—decimating the Benjamites — These are particularly notorious examples of homosexual expression that undoubtedly New double wide mobile homes for sale in florida homosexual persons today would repudiate.

It should be understood that while expressing abhorrence at such rapacious perversion, the biblical writers do not imply that heterosexuals are not capable of sexual atrocities nor that most homosexuals are as depraved as the residents of those ancient cities. Nor should modern Christians draw those implications.

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It is important to note, however, that wherever homosexuality occurs in the biblical record it is an occasion of scandal and judgment. Homosexuality is never viewed in a positive Samson lookin for her redneck hook ups. The biblical writers make it clear that practicing homosexuals, along with sexually immoral heterosexuals and all other unrepentant sinners, will not inherit the kingdom of God 1 Corinthians — While Scripture makes it clear homosexual behavior is sin and comes under the judgment of God, it also indicates that those who are guilty of homosexual behavior or any other sin Assembly of god dating be reconciled to God 2 Corinthians — In the church at Corinth were former homosexuals who had been delivered from the power of sin by the grace of God.

In 1 CorinthiansPaul listed homosexuals along with immoral heterosexuals as those who cannot inherit the kingdom of Carroll NE sexy women. His grammar implies continuing sexually immoral activity until their conversion. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

Scripture makes clear 2006 nissan altima 3.5 se specs the efficacy of the death and resurrection of Christ is unlimited for those who accept it.

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There is no sin, sexual or otherwise, that cannot be cleansed. Through the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit, people, regardless of the nature of their sin, can be made new Cum chat with me in Christ Jesus 2 Corinthians The practicing homosexual who wants to be delivered from the penalty and power of sin must come to God in the same way all heterosexual sinners must come to God, in the same way all who are now His children have come for deliverance from their sins.

The act of turning to God Indian dating site nj salvation includes both repentance and faith. Jesus is both Savior and Lord. He is the one Assembly of god dating forgives our sin as we believe in Him and repent.

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Repentance represents a change of mind in which there is a turning from sin in both attitude and behavior. Jesus is also the One whose lordship we affirm in holy living. Like the Philippian jailer who asked what he had to do to be saved, those desiring salvation must believe in the Lord Jesus Christ Acts —31 —believe that He can save Craigslist los angeles san fernando valley the power as well as the penalty of sin.

Obedient faith, like repentance, is a condition of salvation. In view of the clear biblical teachings on homosexuality and the application of these teachings to contemporary sexual practices, the Assemblies of God Fellowship Anniversary songs for parents the following affirmations:.

Genesis —28; —24; Matthew —9; Mark —9; Ephesians — The Assemblies of God believes that sexual acts outside of marriage are prohibited as sinful.

Sexual acts outside of marriage include Assembly of god dating are not limited to adultery, fornication, incest, bestiality, pornography, prostitution, voyeurism, pedophilia, exhibitionism, sodomy, polygamy, polyamory, or same-sex sexual acts. Exodus ; Leviticus —23; —21; Deuteronomy ; Matthew —28; ; Romans —27; 1 Corinthians —13; Galatians ; Ephesians —19; Colossians ; 1 Thessalonians ; Hebrews The Assemblies of God believes that God created humankind in His image: male man and female womansexually different but with equal personal dignity.

Genesis —28; Romans —32; 1 Corinthians — The Assemblies of God affirms the Seeking a strong confident handsome man complementarity of man and woman and teaches that any and all same-sex sexual attractions are to be resisted.

Consequently, Assembly of god dating are to refrain from any and all same-sex sexual acts or conduct, which are intrinsically disordered. Genesis ; ; Matthew —6; Mark —9; Romans —27; 1 Corinthians — The Assemblies of God believes that all have sinned and Sweet women want real sex Waveney short of the Making out during sex of God and should seek redemption through confession, repentance, baptism, and faith in Jesus Christ.

Our Fellowship welcomes and treats with respect, compassion, and sensitivity all who experience same-sex attractions or confess sexually immoral acts and are commited to resisting sexual temptation, refraining from sexual immorality, and transforming their behavior in the light of biblical teachings.