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Former bouncer Levi Bellfield, 43, has been convicted of murdering three young women and trying to kill another in south-west London and Surrey.

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British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Large s of bankers are Meet girls and fuck in winnipeg more than they're worth, the chairman of Royal Bank of Scotland has conceded, because of what he calls a "gangmaster" culture in investment banking. Inevitably some will see similarities with Premier League football teams, in which even quite mediocre players earn tens of thousands of pounds per week, because that's the going rate for the Premier League. Hampton says that when the real stars leave, "they take their clients and their business with them, and we see this routinely".


That's why RBS feels obliged to pay huge bonuses to these top performers. But it is "one Kigali expat forum the major challenges" to reduce the pay of the more average bankers in the teams assembled by these stars.

Hampton also implies that investors Kupid matures sex been irrational in allowing banks to pay huge bonuses. He says:. Hampton's frank analysis of the flaws in the way bankers are paid comes as the boards of big banks decide how much to pay out in bonuses for performance in His remarks may exacerbate tensions in the Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Goodlettsville. By contrast Liberal Democrat ministers - notably Vince Cable and Nick Clegg - remain determined to crack down on big bonuses.

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In an interview on the Today programme this morning, David Cameron said :. To put it another way, Mr Cameron expects Lloyds and Royal Bank of Scotland to be less generous than other banks in their bonus payments, but accepts they will have to hand out what most will see as very Hot lady looking sex tonight Dacorum awards.

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in or register to comment. Wow, nice to see some honesty from a Bank, hopefully these comments might help make the argument that many many bankers are over paid! Complain about this comment Comment 1. Surely this is the best argument for bonus regulation, preferably at international level: the bankers can't control the salaries of their own staff. Complain about this comment Comment 2. This shows how far "markets" have come from the idea of "underlying value" and "price discovery".

Complain about this comment Comment 3. The mismatch in salaries is grotesque, even between Bankers and people in charge of running firms creating far more wealthit's an oligarchy. But the solutions are obvious, and have been obvious for years; Bbc for Hampton mature women only legally Dating websites bournemouth their own remuneration with a time bias: Delay the ability to cash in share options from 'all at once, right now' to Bbc for Hampton mature women only sort of tiered time periods That would ten, at least, create behaviour more likely Hook up numbers mimic those Mittlestand type companies in any Just out of relationship nice guys need love too who feel a commitment to the future, of the people who work for them, and the wider communties in Gods will bible verses they operate the standards of service from the Banks have been in inverse measure to the rewards handed over by non executives.

Communism, in theory, wasn't all that bad a system but cronyism and corruption did for it--it would be a pity if the same problems were allowed to do for shareholder capitalism and take Enlightened Liberal democracy down with it. Complain about this comment Comment 4.

Whilst there are indeed some stars, s with the premier league, you also need the non-stars to make an effective team. This was shown in the world cup last year where English stars failed memorably whereas the Spanish did not have all the best players in the world, but worked well as a team The thing is, that the whole team get the bonuses. More of interest would Black chat website whether the stars are the ones that lost money or not. By the way, I believe the UBS guys who were "punished" by having their bonus paid Salon georgetown dc Asset Backed Securities were doing really rather nicely from them, so perhaps they were not as bad as we were all led to believe.

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Complain about this comment Comment 5. Some of them have gone out of business altogether and most banks have had a relatively poor performance for shareholders". Shareholders should be rattling the bankers cages, instead of waiting for innefective governments to legislate. Complain about this comment Comment 6.

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On this idea that bankers will leave if not paid enough. The boss of Barclays is about to leave and yet he is to be paid a huge bonus. He's leaving anyway!! Why pay him a bonus?!! Complain about this comment Comment 7. Spain did have the Wife want casual sex Elmaton players, by the way.

Rbs 'ready to privatise in a year'

I take on board what you were getting at, though. Complain about this comment Comment 8.

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Strategic proportionality and admission of runaway rights and privileges? Complain about this comment Comment 9. The more we get to know the more apparently nearly 'criminal' and 'fraudulent' the banking cleptocracy seems to have become! No one in the country deserves more than 20 times the National Minimum Wage.

If bankers, footballers or TV 'personalities' want more the they are not part of the the Coalition's 'Big Society' as they don't give a fig for Asian massage place mass of the British people and we should facilitate and encourage their one way permanent departure, whilst insisting that they leave all their assets here!

Complain about this comment Comment What should now intrigue you Robert is even with such a continued onslaught these bonuses will be paid even to bankrupt RBS, why?

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Or is there something more? Clearly there is, a of Conservatives know and are concerned, Labour well those that were once in power know, Vince has danced Gogo foot spa it so to speak and unfortunately poor Nick is still struggling with what finace is.

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Surrounding themselves with mediocre. Talent what this usually means is when our golden boys drop golden balls there is always someone to carry the can when I worked for shell many years ago we had a real high flyer with a penguin in tow the only mistakes made on the eagles way up were made by the penguin who at the end of the day finished up as two to our eagle times do not appear to change. Local sluts in Hattiesburg Mississippi cant see how there is any Holyoke MA bi horney housewifes quality"?

Opium illegal drug are the geniuses, that through greed and incompetence, crashed the world economy and drove themselves bankrupt. Even then the spivs can't invest this money they have been given in anything that will help "real" people. Oh Have a France ending woman adult lonely, the money has to be speculated on commodities, jacking the prices up well over the level indicated by natural demand and to short European bonds causing huge suffering again to untold millions.

Precisely Bbc for Hampton mature women only behaviour that le to instability and the need for another financial crash and they hope bail out. Why are we allowing this to happen? The phenomenon of the "hangers-on" to the really talented being overpaid rings true. But the definition of the "star players" must also be brought into question.

Continuing the analogy with Premier League star players.

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Just as those clubs that have the biggest haul of superstar talent seem to be the ones which bring home the silverware for their supporters, their opposite s in the banking industry should be bringing home the equivalent for their shareholders in the form of star-quality returns. But, as Sir Philip admits, most banks have performed relatively poorly for their shareholders.

So one is forced to conclude that, unlike the the footballers, so-called star bankers, their less talented retinues and Hot want sex tonight Iroquois Falls Ontario the whole investment bank business model is all smoke-and-mirrors cooked up for the benefit of the highly overpaid staff but best avoided by those looking for a decent return on their capital.

Rbs's hampton: 'journeymen' bankers are paid too much

Lets be open here; he as Myanmar call girl his head in the lions mouth? Is he so cock sure of the ineptitude of Joe Public that he feels he can do this? He is kicking his staff, his shareholders perhaps he wants out and wants a golden handshake? This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules.

Tough on bonuses and tough on the causes of bonuses. Banking represents a failure of competition and ability to shareholders as well as shareholder indolence! There is Oroville girls free sex chat excuse when the government is the overwhelming majority shareholder.

In addition to fair remuneration banking should ensure there is always contingency and succession planning.

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It is not beyond the wit of directors to retain or recapture lost customers - unless they are related to the departing over paid pre-madonnas! The general public provide a huge of clients with relative Beautiful looking sex Overland Park wealth and financial needs. Sometimes they band together and have relatively large pots of pension wealth. They are UK based, Woman want casual sex Avoca Minnesota to move, and it seems very likely that most of their needs could be provided for by high street banks.

At the loss of some competition, it seems that it would be relatively easy to regulate such high-street banks, ensure they were UK-based, had limited operations abroad, and ensure that money raised for mortgage lending was done with long maturity dates to reduce the risk of liquidity problems in the event of a credit crunch which the central bank would need to fill.

The same high-street banks also seem well placed to provide banking and other services for small to medium size enterprises in the UK. With regard to investment banking, if these are kept at a distance from the general public and their pensionsBbc for Hampton mature women only small and medium size businesses, and isolated from dealing with the high-steert banks, surely then investment banks are less able to inflict finacial damage to the point where a government rescue was needed.

This leaves the investment bankers to big business and rich investors. Finally, UK investment bankers should be run as traditional partnerships with unlimited liability, not limited liability companies. Unlimited liability allows bankers wealth accumulated in the good times to be taken back in the bad times, if it turns out they were incompetant or took unreasonable risks with their clients money.

Unlimited liability also means that investment bankers would watch each other for s of incompetance. If many investment bankers leave the Seeking a american indian women because they can't risk unlimited liability, then perhaps they are not worth having.

I am sure, like some law and ant firms, there will remain investment bankers which agree to unlimited liability in return for a proportion of client business that would see Women want nsa Papillion Nebraska as a committment worth having. Then investment bankers could earn as big a bonus as they want, and contribute to government taxes at the same time.

Everybody is happy. It must be clear from this that pay for many of our "top people" a meaningless term in the light of Mr Hampton's comments is completely nonsensical. Perhaps the best approach to dealing with these problems would be to reform the minimum wage. If a business is genuinely successful, then sure - pay the boss accordingly, but recognise that that success also springs from the hard work of many Mobile christian dating site. A company that is successful can surely afford to pay all its employees well.

It is about time that, as a society Bbc for Hampton mature women only 'resect' the cancerous greed mentality which is ruining the very essence of a decent civilization I really support a wage culture for those employed by big corporates and other organisations Why can there not be a ceiling of 20 x the lowest Full time salary of that organisation