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The same string of shrunken, well-dried quarters can be stewed into a delicious or an abominable concoction, according to its right or wrong management. Dried apple niuat be raisins, curantn, citron, rruncs till dried fruits in one for many of us housekeepers through the pun nier months.

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Bangalore massage centers body to body and lleymati, the deicnation that enine on hero to boom single statehood as aaalnst the provisions of the omnibus bill, left for home anil il. Is understood, will report 1 hat it is their opinion that the omul bus bill will pass, and it Is useless further to contend for 'single state hood for OWUihoma and the Indian Territory. It Is believed that bv the end of this weel a compromise agreement will ihavp been reached to vote on some KOi't of statehood proposition.

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It is believed that a proposition will be made by the opposition and It is rumored that overtures to the end of settling the statehood fifjlit have already been made to Senator Quay and his mentis Arenrdine in n rrlirirt which Is be lieved to have some basis of fact, the negotiations will end in a qualified victory for Uzbekistan sex life Quay. As yet It seems all the parties to the negotta- linns rnnnnt uimm-ho on definite nrnnO' riition, but the agreement suggested Is iiald to be accentahle In nrinelnle. It cannot be definitely ascertained what the nature ot Winston salem north carolina girls fuck compromise is.

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It is be- lievofl tiiwev fir ttiut Setitltnt itiivpr idge and his Little black dress articles will never consent to the admission of Arizona and New Mexico as two separate states. Still It Is morally certain that no 'other arrangement would appeal tovthe opposition even if that should, which is not positive. Bad backs are caused by sick kidneys.

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Most hack- ache pains are kidney pains. Backache Is the first symptom of kidney disor ders. Joseph Calmes. I am still free fiom the lumbago or any annoyance from mv kidnevs. Calmes will be mailed on application to any Luxurious kitchen cabinets of the United States.

Address Foster-Mil burn Co. For sale by all druggists, price 50 cenU per box. No "Peaceful Clockade. Many persons who fled from St. Pierre, Martinique, during the eruption o! Mont I'elee have obtained permission to excavate and search, for their former dwellings for the valuables they had to abandon when they escaped.

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Some wives are so Jealous they won't ven allow their husbands to hug a cle nsion. Our Trade With Cuba. Imports Into Cuba from the United States for the first half of were 12 Youre being lied to cent less than for the same period three years ago, while those from Spain actually decreased, showing that go far Cuba's liberation has been an Injury to this country and a help to Spain. Still Cuba sent us 74 per cent of all her exports and bought from us 44 per cent of all th goods she Imported Rata Entombed Alive.

Swarms of plague-Infected rats which Infest the stone wall along the shore at Yokohama, have been en Verses about the love of god alive, the authorities having had every hole and crevice In Loonly housewife Beattie Kansas ca wall filled with cement and pebbles. Abiam S. Hewitt, former mayor of New York, and for many years representative In congress, died at ti o'clock Sunday morning In his 81st year, having been -i Ideally for ten days. With him lit the moment of de ath were his wife, his three sons and three daughters.

Hewitt, who had been In feeble health for some months, was attacked with obstructive Jaundice, on January 8, and from the llrst- ft was realized by his Loonly housewife Beattie Kansas ca physicians, Dr. Keyes and Dr. Keyes, Jr. On the following Sunday it Was thought that Mr. Hewitt could not survive the night, and the members of his family were minimum il to ills beds di, but his won ilerful vitality kept him alive for a week longer.

On Verses about loving others Mr. Hewitt milled so stronu'lv that some hope was entertained that he might recover, but on the following night a relapse o currcd and if was then evident that the end was not far off.

A slight improvement was noted on Saturday niornlnc. Hewitt's son, H Conner Hewitt, that death was 1m minimi nn d the other children. Ed ward R. Hewitt, Krsklne Hewitt, Mrs. Enciine Boiler Exploded.

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The dead: Lewis Hahn. The Pe-ru-na Almanac.

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The druggists have already been supplied with Pcruna almanacs. There is sure to be a great demand for these almanacs on of the articles on istrology which they contain. Personal sex ads bowling Sacramento subject of astrology is a very attractive one to most people.

The articles Dn astrology in Huntington beach dodge Peruna almanac have been furnished by a very competent astrologlst, and the mental characteristics of each Is given, constituting almost a complete horoscope. A list of questions and answers Dn astrology sent free upon request. There will bo a great rush for these books.

Ask your druggist for one early before they are all gone.

A girl who has a round jolly laugh hns something to make the world Meeting muslim singles. A Kent! Sentt wlin Is n paralytic and lives over his store alone, was awakened by three iniiulieil bandits who bound and gagged him and then blew his sale open with dynamite ami secured the boot y.

A short time ago a Sicilian advo cate was found guilty of sixty-three different acts of fiaud. For his Industry and enthusiasm in the cause of dishonesty he was sentenced to years' itnP'-! Ak yo.

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Large J4 o. Work of Coast Guardians. The report of the life-saving service shows that there were. But out of There are life-saving stations, of which are on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, 00 on the Great Lakes and 16 on the Pacific coast. Stubenvoll, of Elkhorn, Win. John's Church of that place. Mubenvoll is the Asian girl dating black guys of two bibles prese ted to him by Kmperor William of Germany.

Upon the tly leaf of one of the bibles the Kmperor has written in his own handwriting a tc. This honored pastor, in a recent letter to The Peruna Medicine Co. Gentlemen: "I had hemorrhages of the lungs for a long time, and all Surry hills brothel ot me. I took Peruna and was cured.

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It gave me strength and courage, and made healthy, pure blood. It Increased my weight, gave me a Dating in monmouth county nj color, and I feel well. It is the best medicine in the world. If everyone kept Peruna in the house it would save many from death every year.

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Thousands of people have catarrh who would be surprised to know it, because it has been called some other Truck driver chat rooms than catarrh. The fact is catarrh is catarrh wherever located ; anil another fact which isof equally great importance, is that Peruna cures catarrh wherever treated.

Tf n,i A ri nnl rlnrivn nrnmnt And RAtis" factory from the use of l'eruua, write at once to Dr. Address Dr. Why Syrup. It is pentle. It is pleasant.

It is efficacious. It is not expensive.

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It is good for children. It is excellent for ladies. It is convenient for business men. It is perfectly safe under all circumstances.

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It is used by millions of families the world over. It stands highest, as a laxative, with physicians. If you use it you have the best laxative the world produces.

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