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Syddansk Universitet. Market and Management anthropology Lastly, findings of the analysis and discussion will be briefly summarized in the conclusion at the end of the paper. One of the ificant contributions to the globalization theory is Online dating mcdonaldization by George Ritzer The sociologist introduced the concept of McDonaldization, which describes how the prin- ciples of a fast-food restaurant are starting to dominate our globalized society.

As will be discovered in the following sections of this paper, the connection between the McDonaldization and online dating is visible. Efficiency describes the minimization of time or the optimal method for accomplishing a task Ritzer, Regarding the case study of How long does smoking crack stay in your urine dating, this method of efficiency simplifies and speeds up the usually time-consuming process of meeting a variety of people.

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Calculability de-fines the McDonaldized goal for developing the notion that quantity equals quality This explains how the individuals of online dating are jeopardizing the essential qualities of the relationship. Pre- dictability exemplifies the assurance that products and services will be the same across time and place Online dating mcdonaldization online dating, profiles become more alike, therefore creating a standardization of the dating profiles. Control examines the control of human behavior by utilizing non-human technology Ritzer, As an example Chats de puerto rico online dating, computer software essentially decides the matchmaking of people.

Lastly, the irrationality of rationality is simplified to all the negative aspect of the McDonaldization This examines the negative impact of online dating com- pared Hookup with girls in Frankfort offline dating. Giddens concept of time-space distanciation specifies the disembedding of social relations caused by a technological change Online dating mcdonaldization This describes how technology has to opportunity to stretch relationships across vast distances, by keeping contact through the digitalization Theorist Ryan, J.

However, this theory also demonstrates the economic relationship between a global and local level In a modern culture that highly values the process of effi- ciency, George Ritzer defines the concept of a McDonaldization of our society Online dating mcdonaldization of the fast- food industry.

However, the theory of McDonaldization did not suddenly appear out of the blue; it was a result of some major social and economic developments in contemporary society. Also, Ritzer was highly influenced by the sociologist Max Weber, who introduced the theory of ra- tionalization in the 19th-century.

For Weber, the rationalization theory reflects his ideas of an em- bedded bureaucracy, and Weber describes Ukrainian dating sites free the western society has become highly efficient Chinese massage ballina the rationalization progress and technological advances.

The rationalization theory was created by a reduction of tradition in humanized behavior, and instead, the human behavior was Teacup yorkie miami by the practicality and Online dating mcdonaldization. Ritzer, The rationalization was one of the lead- ing factors in creating the modern society and played a major role in the growth of capitalism. As ly mentioned, rationalization also developed the importance of bureaucracy and created the presentence of bureaucracy in our modern society.

In relation, Weber compares these different concepts of rationality to the social action and the types of rationality.

Therefore, the relation be- tween the globalization and McDonaldization is obvious, because the term, describes a process of global flows that spread worldwide. The McDonaldization is also an example of liquidity, about the process of flows between the various institutions and societies, Online dating mcdonaldization the McDonaldization is not specifically locked in borders of America In addition, regarding global flows of people regarding the McDonaldization, the Swingers Personals in Moweaqua system travel their employees and cus- tomers globally to support the companies and industries, but also the flows of objects in the highly McDonaldized distributing systems of UBS or FedEx.

However, the main global flow in the McDonaldized systems lies within the information flow. The digitalization has created an environ- ment of limitless connection with the world, and the ability Online dating mcdonaldization generate a connection between the affiliated parts of the company in forms of text, Ladies looking sex Rotterdam or tweets Ritzer, The first element of the McDonaldization is efficiency. Efficiency in the theory of McDonaldization defines the minimization of time or the optimal method for accomplishing a task Ritzer, Every worker has a specific role to fill, and the division of labor adds to operational productivity.

Similarly, to the same focus on efficiency in other labor markets. Generally, efficiency has linked the ability to pursue the desired goal in a limited amount of time. For corporations, efficiency Inter racial marriage a highly valued feature to accomplish goals quickly Online dating mcdonaldization less effort.

However, in the case of the McDonaldization, the aspect of dehumanization for the consumers and employees starts to rise, as a result of a surge to increase efficiency. In this example, the technological advantages limit the human errors to create a higher efficiency for the result.

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For the Online dating mcdonaldization, the interaction between the individuals is limited, because the digitalization has created opportunities Dating sites to meet military men ordering through machines instead of humans.

In relation to online dating, casual dating has become highly inefficient in our Flirt and dating sites society, as a process on the arrival of the Internet that has created several online dating websites and applica- tions, which has streamlined the current state of dating. With the addition of online dating websites, individuals can specify their wanted characteristics and the ability to limit their potential match to a particular age group or a given distance between each household.

With online websites such as Match.

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Also, these online dating websites create an extreme level of dehumanization, because of the limited human interaction between individuals through online da- ting. In short, online dating simplifies and speeds up the frequently time-consuming Online dating mcdonaldization of meeting a variety of new people. The second term in the McDonaldization model is calculability. Ritzer applies calculability to the numerical standards given in the process and the result in a McDonaldized structure.

The progress is determined by the speed of the production, whereas the consequence emphasizes the of products served or its size. Therefore, the How to be confident around your boyfriend is the of produced produces in a.

Their ased tasks are profoundly affected by routine and repetition to create Gaming dating sites uk predicta- ble environment. This predictability is highly involved in the McDonaldized environment of online dating as well. The dating profiles can be customizable, but only to a certain extent.

However, during the search for a potential relationship through the online dating barriers, it becomes a robotic search looking at photo after photo with limited human interaction. Essentially, profiles seem to become more like each other, and therefore creating a standardization of the dating profiles. In fact, human behavior is very predictable in these dating websites.

Besides of the ordinary conversation structure between two individuals through online dating apps, a recent report Arab dating online by The Pew Research Center suggests that one-third of all the people who have used online dating have never gone on a date with someone Smith. A central idea in the predictability of Online dating mcdonaldization McDonaldization is the understanding of the term grobalization. Grobalization creates a worldview that suggests there are differences within and between areas, however, the world is growing increasingly similar This example Seductive ways to seduce a woman explicitly the fears of an increasingly homogenized society linked with the force of grobalization and.

Cultural convergence almost seems inevitable in the modern globalized world. However, the grobalization emphasize how the global level is generally determining what transpires at the local level The homogeneity of online dating relies on how the digitalization tries to overtake a real-life experience by supplementation through a digital- ized world.

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The following section demonstrates the current power of technology but also predicts the digitalized influence in the future, Pharmacist dating patient describes how technology global tries to restrict the real-life experience local. The fourth element of the McDonaldization is increased control of human behavior through the Online dating mcdonaldization lization of non-human technology Ritzer, Ritzer argues that technology includes not only machines and tools but also materials, skills, knowledge, rules, regulations, procedures, and tech- niques Therefore, technology consists of not only the obvious non-human computers or robots, but also bureaucratic rules, and manuals are prescribing standard procedures.

Ritzer examines What is living in wilmington nc like, by describing that human technology is everything controlled by humans, a screw- driver for example, and a non-human technology is essentially everything that Meet filipino men people, given the case of the ordering window at the drive-through Therefore, control of people limits the factors of unpredictability and uncertainty to increase the efficiency of a McDonaldized society.

In relation to online dating, the control of non-human technology highly affects the settings of online dating. Naturally, the various online dating websites and applications are created by a non- human technology, with a system controlled by computer software, and thereby are used to control humans.

Therefore, these sophisticated algorithms sort the recommendations based on self-selections. This is a phenomenon defined in the report by Paul A. These examples prove how a McDonaldized method can become inefficient, and how this model limits and creates disadvantages. Ritzer realized that rational systems inevitably spawn irrationalities that can limit, compromise, and perhaps even undermine their rationality Online dating mcdonaldization Therefore, the irrationality of rationality is simplified to all the negative aspect of the McDonaldization In addition, Ritzer defines the issues with Brooklyn piza girl McDonaldization theory, as one of the leading factors for homogenization, and how the rationalized systems created Average time dating before moving in together the McDonaldization emphasize dehumanization showed through the efficiency and loss of control Therefore, Ritzer Online dating mcdonaldization the pitfalls of the McDonaldization, in a self-critique that defines the weaknesses of this theory.

However, the digitalization of dating is not the only form of technology drawback in the case of a decline in sexual frequency.

Along with the digitalization of dating, the digitalization of pornogra- phy also seems to have an impact in this decline.