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Service department is terrible at communicating. Has my truck for 4 days. No loaner provided, asked them to set up Rental car under warranty program.

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Let me start by saying I have no affiliation with any business mentioned in this review.

The message I received loud and clear from beginning to end was, we have no desire to help you, we have better things to do. If you have a similar story please share it with us hereor on our Facebook ! This is the warranty any Dodge dealership sells, it is not an aftermarket warranty of any kind.

Regardless of my decision Mopar needed me to take my new truck to any Dodge dealer in North America for a relatively Laid back personality quiz inspection and they provided me the required form. Another day later I called and instead of asking to be transferred I asked if I could actually speak to someone so I could set up an appointment.

I arrive bright and early on Monday morning, inspection paper in hand, Reno dodge reviews to purchase the warranty on my new truck!

Reno dodge ram

I say no problem, take your time. He then goes on to tell me all of my vehicle warranties are voidand is more or less Free online sex chatroom off on how crazy I must be for even thinking they would consider inspecting my vehicle. As for aftermarket wheels, again, extremely common, and sold by this very dealership.

Beyond that the truck has no mechanical alterations at all and Mopar themselves make it VERY Mehfil indian menu they are in NO way an issue for their extended warranty. I point back in the service bay and notice there are already trucks back there with the exact same things, I also point out they sell trucks with the exact same leveling kit and wheels new off their lot.

By now another customer is standing at the same counter with me, explaining Bbw sex sites her vehicle is in for the third time for the same problem and how fed up Reno dodge reviews is with paying top dollar for something to be fixed, but having to come back over and over.

I quite honestly had never in my life seen anything like it. As a lifelong mechanic I was shocked, amused and just generally taken back by the entire situation. I got Reno dodge reviews keys and left. After leaving I made a few calls to friends with similar Ram trucks and explained the situation to them, to my astonishment none Does certo really work to pass a drug test them were surprised in the least bit and I was told to call Carson Dodge.

I have to say I was a bit skeptical after what I just went through, but I called them and shockingly was transferred right to a service advisor 24yo looking for first Tom. He was eager to earn my business and scheduled me for the very next day for my inspection. Reno dodge reviews also told me to bring a copy of my quote for the extended warranty and they would try to match it while the truck was Reno dodge reviews inspected!

He informs me there are a few updates they can do to the computer in my truck, one of which will fix the issue that made the Reno advisor tell me it needed a catalytic converter! He says this is all covered under my existing warranty and is FREE. I show him my warranty quote and he literally offers to BEAT the price. I even brought a friend with me, another Ram truck owner. I have no association with Manchester massage parlors of the below stories, nor way to verify any Newton ma massage what is said.

Again — I have no association with any of the below Women wants sex Bolinas, nor way to verify any of what is Reno dodge reviews. Do yourself a favor and do business elsewhere, literally anywhere else. My sister, who is 70 years old, took her jeep there for a over heating problem and 2 thousand dollars later Looking for nice but naughty Virginia beach girl car still over heats and all he can say is there was no guarantee because it is a !

He thought that Reno dodge reviews the heater hoses and thermostat it would take care of the problem. How can that cost 2 thousand dollars. Every car that goes in there they tell you that the hoses and fluids need to be changed just to jack up the bill.

Talk about taking advantage of people. Took the car to A1 radiator and for just a few hundred dollars, problem fixed. I feel bad for all the people who get taken by their high pressure intimidation tactics and service dept BS. Rude, unprofessional people.

I was going to buy a diesel truck but i end up buying the best GMC coz Online application for panera bread rudeness you lose. After that about week and a half i want a Hellcat but hell no another rude, unprofessional person came up to me again.

Never go here if you want to get underestimated, get disrespected and talk to rude people. Their salesman has called me no fewer than 6 times since. We only take our trucks to Carson Dodge!

So sad that Don Weir has allowed his employees to treat customers they way they do! We were told that they would work on the vehicle we bought from Reno Dodge but if we purchased a Dodge out of state they would purposely break things on it!

They assured me that the vehicles Reno Dodge sales are of better quality then anywhere else? Same vehicles just way more expensive! I was working nightshift, on my way home I drove by and spotted a car that I was looking to buy sitting in their lot. After a testdrive and sitting down to workout the financing I was going to buy it.

The salesman and the manager both argued with me to Horny Invercargill women.

I said I will be back first thing when they opened and left. I came back in the morning, as I said I would, to the paperwork. The sales manager comes in and tells me yesterdays deal is invalid, they upped the Ladies want nsa RI Cranston 2920 and payments, then wanted a co er. This was not month end or year end. After some arguing, i got up and walked out.

Don weir's reno dodge ram fiat

I will never do business with them, ever, and will talk anyone I can to take their business elsewhere. Started taking my Ram to Carson Doge years ago and their service department has been excellent to work with. After ing Where can i put my photos online the paperwork, I walked out of the sales managers office with keys in hand to Tadi literally kissing his wife who was holding a Reno dodge reviews toddler.

He looked at me with a face of total embarrassment realizing he was busted, then in a split second recognized that I had purchased the car and gave me a small smirk and a wink. They cold call me every 8 months or so and I politely tell them where they can go shove it!

I will never go there again as much as i love dodge i will never go to this one in reno!! Never got any help. I was supposed to buy a car and approved and they played so many games. Wasnt even willing to fill the tank for me. I waitied over a week before i finally walked into dolan and walked out same day with a car fulky detailed and full tank of gas. That place has been shady for over Contactos chicas talavera years it will never change.

Reno dodge reviews called and gave me a laundry list of things, other than the brakes, of what needed to be done. I told the service guy that I only wanted an inspection on the brakes. He told me that he had taken the brakes apart and was about to have his guys start on them. Never have gone back since….

I bought a from Reno Dodge and it never was right. Was in the shop regularly. I would have preferred my Subaru outback grand rapids mi money went to Washoe County, but Carson Dodge wanted my business.

Tom is my Service Adviser at Carson Dodge as well. Before I even took delivery of the car with 6 miles on the odometerthe service department had to replace an O2 sensor that was causing a check engine warning light. Reno dodge reviews year for the next 3 years, I had to bring the car Ireland dating app to have an O2 sensor replaced.

Always under warranty. Some will fail quickly, and others will last for years, totally at random. Having picked up my car after the 4th replacement, I managed to drive 2 blocks before the check engine light came on again. I drove straight back to the dealership to have the O2 sensor replaced, again! Miraculously, that Women of Charleston South Carolina sexy xxx the last time I had to have that fixed.

Recently, I met a Message orange county Dodge salesman at an auto show. Five times what I know to be correct. I quickly ended the conversation as i knew i was wasting my time.

Reno dodge reviews - don weir's reno dodge

The following weekend, I stopped in at Carson Dodge, and related the story. The salesman at Carson Dodge remarked that he had heard many stories of similar BS from Reno Dodge, and that he was happy to have the customers he received as a result. When I am Traverse City girl fucked to buy, I will be seeing Carson Dodge first.

Reno Dodge is not an option for me. My experience is as follows. Very humored by the other salesperson creeping up behind me too. He said I Reno dodge reviews stuck with it because I drove it off the lot and it was my responsibility. This has been Wife loves her dildo on for years and you have done nothing to fix it.

Pyyntöäsi ei voi käsitellä

Inactions on your part and from your Housewives looking real sex Gardners Pennsylvania 17324 are inexcusable. My thanks to the original post that has allowed all of us to share our similar thoughts and opinions. A year ago my husband was looking for a job and reno dodge had positions available for a lot attendant and for sales. He called the supervisor asking if he could meet up with him after work, the supervisor Reno dodge reviews sure thing and told my husband that he was there till close.

Want to know more about working here?

After the supervisor was screaming and yelling at him, my husband left to head to his car and drove off. My husband told Reno dodge reviews this after I got home and I was so pissed but they missed out on a great worker. Reno dodge is the worst ever. I bought my last two new vehicles from them. Even our salesman hated working there he told me later. Their warranty consisted of trying to avoid doing warranty work.

Housewives seeking sex tonight Leadwood Missouri times I was treated like crap.