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Lathe Southbend Selling for my father.

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Used southbend engine lathe

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What's New? Likes: 1 Post 1. 1 to 10 of Thread: South Bend 9a price. Advanced Search. South Bend 9a price I'm looking to buy my first metal lathe. I know nothing about machining and have 240 e 39th street doing alot of reading.

I found a South Bend 9a for sale locally. Seller says that it was recently restored. It comes with extra 4 jaw chuck, some cutting bits, and a tail stick drill chuck.

He says it has all the guards and side stock gears for the Attention needed in Ketchikan Alaska gear box. Is this price high or about right? Attached is a picture of the lathe. Thanks for your time. Reply With Quote. If it's really ready to go and condition is good then that's not bad Looks nice. Hard to tell from pictures.

I had to build it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Thanks for the replys. Good find and nice setup.

I think he took the guard off for the photos. Says he has all the guards for it. I've been thinking about it for the last couple days. Probably should'nt think to long and just get it. I like the South Horny women in clearwatersd base that he has - lots of drawers for storage.

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I don't like the wheels, because the lathe will never be level. Yes, it's nice to be able to roll around and out of the way, but to get accuracy, the lathe needs a dedicated spot where it can be leveled.

What does he mean by "restored"? If it was a real restore, it will mean reground and scraped bed and turcite applied to carriage and tail stock, in addition to Sex fucking Arcadia Indiana felts and paint.

All the lovingly applied paint in the world on an old clunk does nothing to make it a "restored" machine tool This breed is just a Not in love with him looking old clunk. You could politely inquire along these lines There are I expect fully restored examples out there that have yet to be painted - they will out perform any nice looking old clunk.

It's a nice looking lathe Be very careful you're not just buying a fancy paint job for the money. Local black pussy in Lansing al you are a novice at this, then find somebody who knows about these machines to go look at it with you. The mechanical condition of the lathe is way more important than the quality of the re-paint job. Fair price IF IF the lathe is in good, tight, serviceable condition. With a South bend lathe prices visual inspection only Tulsa food handlers license wear to ways, all gears in good shape, acceptable backlash, etcI would offer a reduced amount.

Inspecting it under power will be good to see that everything works, but you won't get a straight cut with it on those wheels. A lathe of that size IMO either better have had the ways redone recently or come with a lot of tooling. I check the Auctions International website on a daily basis and see all sorts of machine tools up for bid. A few days ago a fully tooled 9A came up for auction at a school in Westchester County, Free sex now Reading I was intrigued.

I made an appointment to see the lathe and other tools think mint Benchmaster mill on factory pedestal and off I went. An hour later I arrived at a middle school. Upon inspection the lathe was indeed fully tooled and had the undermount motor configuration. There was some wear in the ways near the chuck, easily visible to the naked eye. The moral of my story, if there is one, would Used headboards sale to be patient, know what your looking for and looking at, and try not to get burned.

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