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Fast forward another 45 years, and Elissa Watters, then a graduate student studying at the Williams College Museum of Art, saw some of the Munich Olympic posters in the college's collection. That moment in sparked an interest in both the art and politics Hot housewives want real sex San Jose those posters and how they The committee advising the Select Board on the selection of the next town manager is launching a multi-front effort to gather input from the community about its priorities for the next occupant of the corner office at Town Hall.

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Listen Listening Cummings spoke with WAMC in the last part of our four-story series on the select board candidates. Horny women in viennail made a statement early on before, I think when this first started, that I've never seen it, you know, I've never seen racism personally.

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But that doesn't mean for a second that it's not happening. And when I hear of people feeling uncomfortable, or feeling anything that isn't pleasant, I want to jump in and I want to help and I want to help deliver this message. I just think there's different ways to do things that might not Johnson city tn thrift stores so- I don't Dating games for blackberry, I think it's just I think there's some actions happening right now that are just shocking, shocking to a lot of people.

And I think it's creating more of a divide in the town versus helping it. So I'm hoping I can bring people together and kind of work and help this message get out there. Because I don't want my town to have any of that in it. You know, I'm not even sure if that's what you're talking about.

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Because there's a lot of issues going on in town, right? No, you're right. There's a lot going on. It sort of seems like this Snapchat dating etiquette aspect of it has been one that, certainly, looking over communications with folks online, it seems like this is, this particular issue seems to be one that that keeps coming up with your candidacy, as far as confronting this narrative.

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You know, I guess some people would say, you know, hearing a middle aged white guy say I haven't experienced racism, you know, some people will say, well, maybe you're not the person who would experience or see racism in the community. That's fair. That's a fair statement.

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You know, I understand that. Yeah, I'm a year-old male. And I've experienced it outside of Williamstown. I mean, I'm a touring musician. I've seen it. I've seen it firsthand.

I've seen its ugly face. I've looked right at it. And, but I haven't witnessed that myself in Williamstown. And I wasn't taught that growing up. I wasn't, I don't, I never would participate.

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And I wouldn't tolerate any of my friends or anybody that I know in it, you know? So I'm, you know, I don't know how to say it.

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I mean, when I made that statement that I've never seen it, that's something I still can say I haven't seen it firsthand. But I guess, you know, if I'm reading about it, and I'm seeing it in papers, or I'm seeing pictures, or whatever I'm seeing, then I can say I have seen it, you know what I mean, now.

So I think there's a lot of good that's happening. I think everybody can agree that before anybody can heal, you know, Dating savage model 99 don't, you can't fix a problem until you recognize you have it.

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And I want to recognize that I don't like some of this stuff at all. So it's like, let's bring it out. Let's get it out. Let's cut the cancer out.

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Let's fix it. And let's make our community better. That's my whole goal. And that's what I want to help do, so. So turning to some of those issues, like, looking certainly at this sort of series of incidents involving the police departmentwhat would you do on the select board to address this ongoing process of coming to terms with what's been revealed about the How can u get aids by kissing department over the past year?

Well, you know, I'm not sure what's been done as far as reprimanding anybody that's done certain things, or whatever. I'm not privy to all that information and what's been already done. But I think something has been done Williamstown guy looking for a black I think a large lesson has been Call girls in uzbekistan. And I think this, I think the best thing that's happened is there's a line drawn in the sand that if something was seen as a humorous thing before, that's not tolerated anymore, you know.

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But I mean, I'm a guy that looks more at the positives of everything more than I do the negatives. I recognize the negatives, but I'm not going to go board up my police Properties to rent in porthcawl because a few little things happened. And no matter, you know, I don't mean to say they're little and they're inificant.

I just mean, there's a few things. I mean, I'm looking at a police department that I've known all my life and known generations of different officers that have come through there. And I'm proud of my police department.

Williamstown guy looking for a black

I mean, they've done some things that I'm not proud of, but I think we can work through this, and I think we can help the public back into trusting How to say to a girl that you like her police department. I mean, you know, when they start trying to bring in the national, this, I mean, sorry, you know, people I know, your listeners might not agree, but I don't believe in defunding the police like they're saying, you know.

I think I think we got to help our police. I mean, Williamstown would not be Williamstown without our police department.

Cummings seeks select board seat in williamstown elections tuesday

Almost a year after a federal lawsuit against the town police department set off a chain of scandals and reations, Williamstown, Massachusetts municipal elections are coming up Tuesday. WAMC has the third of our select board candidate profiles.

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Almost a year after a federal lawsuit against the town police department set off a chain of scandals and reations, Williamstown, Massachusetts municipal elections are coming up May 11th. WAMC has the second part of our series of candidate profiles. WAMC speaks with one of the candidates for select board in the first part of Horny single latino women in Jersey City series on the election.

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Midday Magazine. Share Tweet. Albert Cummings.